Teachers on Teaching includes blogs by teachers who are new in the field and teachers who have retired from the field... we all learn from one another! You may share lesson plans here, you may ask questions of one another here, this is your space to help - Career Development Center Information for CECH
If you just want to help a new teacher, feel free to respond to any of these questions.

Question 1: What made you apply to the school where you chose to begin your career in education?

Question 2: How many schools have you taught in?

Question 3: What was your first year of teaching like? What do you remember as the most amazing thing about it? What was the worst thing about it? What did you carry forward from the first year until now?

Question 4: What advice do you have for a new teacher on classroom management?

Question 5: If you could begin your career over again, what might you do differently? 

Question 6: What did you do that was different from the other teachers in your building that made students know they could trust you, look up to you, learn from you?

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    New and old teachers. Helpful by nature, mentors by trade.


    May 2012