Teachers teach for all different reasons. We would love to know who you are and why you are in education. click on the "new post" and answer any of the questions below, or any of the ones that you had before you became a full time educator. You are welcome to add your picture so we can see you and relate to what you tell us.  When you are finished writing, click the "save to Live" button above.   Thank you for posting!

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  • Do all teachers do it for the kids?
  • What is the most challenging part of teaching?
  • Did it take you a long time to find a school you enjoyed?
  • What is the difference you have experienced between schools, or school districts?
  • Would you still go into teaching if you had it to do all over again?
  • What was your biggest hurdle as a teacher, how did you overcome it?
  • How do you manage kids who seem like they have no interest in learning?     
  • How do you make education fun for the whole room?
  • How do you create equity in the classroom?
  • What is the difference between equity and equality where you teach?
  • Do you have lesson plans you would like to share? 
  • Do you need content for a unit you are creating? Leave a reply so that any who see this site will know and someone can respond to your request.

To respond to any of these questions or others that you may have had going into your career email Theresa Aberle to begin your own page where you may create a category for your content .



Theresa Aberle
08/09/2012 1:47pm

Websites you may like to know about, if you don't already:

Theresa Aberle
09/04/2012 4:49am

This is a website that allows you to search for lesson plans but also if you have one that you would like to share, they encourage you to do so. http://lessonplanspage.com/


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